Special notice.

Please note that due to our Membership officer being unavailable no new memberships or membership renewals will be processed in the month of May 2019.
Members that have renewals in the month of May 2019 will be sent an invoice in advance and should make the payments prior to the last week of April 2019 to ensure they are processed before May.
Any received in May will not be processed until June 2019.
The processing of SIV letter applications via email will also be unavailable during this time.


Mick Denman
Membership and Dating officer

Limited Registration Guidelines

The special interest vehicle (SIV) concession is a registration concession scheme for special categories of vehicles including motor vehicles, motorbikes and trailers that have limited road use. The SIV concession essentially applies to 3 categories:

  • Historic vehicles
  • Street rods
  • Historic ambulances and fire-fighting equipment vehicles under 30 years old

For a full definition refer to the Special Interest Vehicle Scheme Guide from the Department of Transport website, that explains the conditions and requirements of the special interest vehicle scheme.

Guidelines specifically to the ASMF Qld Division Inc. include the following:

  • Must be a financial member of the ASMF Qld Division Inc.
  • Vehicle must be 30 years old (to the month).
  • Current photo of the car must be supplied.
  • Vehicle must be sighted by an ASMF Dating Officer. A fee will apply if the officer needs to travel to the vehicle (min. $40.00).
  • A fee of $50.00 applies for a letter to be compiled and posted (approximate timeframe of one week from vehicle being sighted).
  • The ASMF Qld Division Inc. has the right to refuse any vehicle that is deemed unsuitable.
  • A brochure outlining the rules and restrictions of limited registration is available from the Queensland Department of Transport.
  • You must remain a FINANCIAL member of the ASMF Qld Division Inc. to RETAIN limited registration.