All members are reminded that most events are still working under a Covid Safe Plan.
Please check in at all venues and events on arrival if required.
Also remember to obey all directions at these events and carry & wear masks if these restrictions are still in place.
The people running these events have NO option to abide by the Covid rules set in place, and the Clubs / organizer’s can be heavily fined if people do not do as they are supposed to do.
Remember everyone wishes it was all back to normal and with Covid rampant in the comunity. The event organizers and helpers don’t have a choice, if they ask you to scan in or wear a mask, just do it. DON’T whinge at them.
All members please check events listed in coming events are still happening. Events can be rescheduled or cancelled.

Ok, it has been decided that our first Webby's Old School and Cruise night will be held on the Friday 16th of January and it will be a very simple and informal plan.

Meeting at Harry’s Diner from 5.30pm onwards all Old School (Chrome bar and carby vehicles) are welcome. At 8.00pm we will start to leave and head up Newmarket Rd turning left onto Gympie Rd for a CASUAL cruise out to Carseldine Caltex Garage where we would like everyone to try and fit along the front, out the back basically anywhere that you can see the exit and wait for everyone to get there.

We expect that everyone that is coming will be there by 8.45pm so at that time we will leave and head North up the Bruce to the Northlake’s exit so that we can head in towards Redcliffe. If your late don’t stress just head straight to Redcliffe and join in! The plan is to cruise through Mango Hill and continue on towards Redcliffe until we hit Anzac Avenue. From here it’s as simple as park up at McDonalds along Anzac Avenue or anywhere that you have a cool vantage spot or better still just slow lap down to the waterfront and back along Anzac like the good ol days of 20 years ago, cruise until you’ve had enough!

The rules are simple, this is for Old School rides and bikes only so please if you have new school just park up and enjoy the cars, NO DICKHEADS, burnouts – street racing etc will have the Police onto every single one of us so if that’s your idea of a good night out then we don’t want you there. No Drink Driving, the Police will happily introduce you to comfy bed for the night if you do.

Finally please remember this is an all new concept and I’m trying to keep it simple for all of us so there will be some teething problems I’m sure but I’ll do my best to make sure it all runs smoothly and with the help of everyone that attends I’m sure this is just the start of something big for 2015!

What do you need? Fuel, a general idea of where we are going and a positive intelligent attitude, the rest will just come naturally.

Oct 19th at Rocklea Showgrounds

This was the first show for the ACMC. There was a wide & varied display of vehicles. It was well supported & a fine day was had by all who attended.

Oct 19th at Calypso Bay, Jacobs Well.

The show was well attended with over 300 outstanding entries. The day was fine & hot & everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

On Oct 5th we Judged at The 24th Chrysler Expo, held at Mueller College at Rothwell. This is always a big event. It was a fine but hot day. There was a wide range of approximately 230 vehicles on display.