All members are reminded that most events are still working under a Covid Safe Plan.
Please check in at all venues and events on arrival if required.
Also remember to obey all directions at these events and carry & wear masks if these restrictions are still in place.
The people running these events have NO option to abide by the Covid rules set in place, and the Clubs / organizer’s can be heavily fined if people do not do as they are supposed to do.
Remember everyone wishes it was all back to normal and with Covid rampant in the comunity. The event organizers and helpers don’t have a choice, if they ask you to scan in or wear a mask, just do it. DON’T whinge at them.
All members please check events listed in coming events are still happening. Events can be rescheduled or cancelled.

08/07/2022 - 230

Date/Time Submitted 08/07/2022 [08:19pm]

Member initiated Impromptu Club Run details (public view)

event name FAMILY CAR RUN
date 09-07-2002
time 8.00AM
event suburb MORAYFIELD
event state QUEENSLAND
event postcode
way points GOING VIA NARANGBA TO Sunshine Coast AND RETURN.

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