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What We Do

At a club level, the ASMF offers support for affilliated clubs. It provides promotion, judging and scrutineering services for affilliated club Car Shows. Judging and scrutineering services are provided at the rates, as outlined in the Qld Div Rule Book. Promotion of affiliated clubs events is free. (Clubs must have at least six current ASMF members to be able to affilliate)

Over the course of the year the ASMF Qld Division Inc sanctions and judges various Premier Car Shows throughout Queensland and New South Wales utilising the ASMF Judging system, including the ASMF Street Machine State Titles (not held every year), and hosts the Ipswich Swap Meet. The State Titles, and the Ipswich Swap Meet, are run by the members and committee of the ASMF.

With the cost of buying and running a new car ever increasing, many people are turning to renovating and modification of older (and often much better built) models as a practical means of acquiring reliable transport. As a bonus they find themselves involved in a fast growing sport which gives them opportunities for friendly competition combined with great socialising.

If you are into the sport of Street Machining, no matter what type or year vehicle you own, the ASMF is for you.

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